Jesse Chun Jesse Chun


Sound Lecture Transcription

0:00 - 0:49
Intro song / Lupe / harmonica

1:48 - 2:30
By the sea, I heard a clam say
“All his internal organs hurt, so it is urgent that we make them warm and restore his energy. So we gave him 18 grams of sook ji hwang first, followed by gamcho and other herbs, but nothing seems to have worked.
The rabbit said,
“We gave him 2 bottles of coke to drink and four slices of pizza, but nothing seems to have worked”
And the pigeon replied:
You fucking idiots. I am returning, I am returning, I am returning to my beautiful mountain at last.
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3 :36 - 4:28

The truth is, “you will never return, pigeon”

Morirá, morirá, morirá
Morirá el palomo
porque así es la muerte
cuando hay soledad

He will die, he will die, he will die,
the pigeon will die because

Jesse:death Lupe:la Jesse:is Lupe:muerte Jesse:when Lupe:es Jesse:there Lupe:cuando Jesse:is Lupe:hay Jesse:a Lupe:soledad Jesse:loneliness

The wind blows from the south of the blue
And it dances in a stream, and blooms baby azaleas

Pallavi gets up in the middle of the audience seat and sings Gracias a la vida

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7:57- 8:10
After lyrebirds sound

Quetzals are Central American birds that have 2 foot long tails.
When they fly, all you see is a green line against the blue sky.

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 Lupe breaks glass and stirs the broken pieces in a bucket

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9:37 - 10:35

Google translator recites this from another speaker:

So much dreaming of you
missing you
without having you
so much inventing you
so much searching for you on the streets like a madman

Go not away this mount is my tear
Falling hill so seeking my love
i cannot stay still
The brightest stars stud the sky so blue
Deep in my bosom burns bitterest rue
But when the wind blows they fall to the ground

If you leave and forsake me
Ere three miles you go lame you will have grown
Wonderous time happy time
Let us delay till night is over

가장 밝은 별은 푸른 하늘을 아주 좋아합니다.
내 가슴 깊은 곳에서 깊은 후유증
그러나 바람이 불 때 그들은 땅에 떨어진다.

네가 떠날 때 나를 버리고
3 마일 너는 절름발이로 자랄 것이다.
멋진 시간 행복한 시간
밤이 끝날 때까지 기다리 자고.

우린 거북선 다른 배들 통통
그냥 통통 떨어져라 똥통
커지는 네 동공 느껴지는 고통
우린 독종 너흰 그냥 보통
다른 배들 통통
그냥 통통 떨어져라 똥통
커지는 네 동공 느껴지는 고통
우린 독종 너흰 그냥 보통

// Wind

Lupe: For this part of the sound lecture we will need your participation, please remove your blindfolds .

-Have you ever accused of committing a crime?
-Have you been in contact with live poultry?
-Are you carrying any illegal drugs with you?
-Have you consumed alcohol because of the political climate?
-Have you consumed any mind altering substances because of the political climate
-Are you single? Please stand up.
-Have you had an orgasm in the last 3 days.
-What is the purpose of your stay here. If you know your purpose?
- How much money do you have in your bank account, yell it out…
-Take off your shoes
-Open your bags
-Take your phone out of your bags, put it in front of you
-Take off your belt put it in front of you

-Have you danced in the last month?
Well this is your chance.

cue the last song, k-pop boyband EXO singing sabor a mi

Everyone begins to dance