Jesse Chun Jesse Chun

sullae 술래

SULLAE 술래, 2020
3-channel video, 6 minutes 25 seconds, voiced and voiceless consonant of the English language, hangeul (한글) and English text,
images, index pages from intonation books, white noise, word censor bleep, dimensions variable

new moons, 2020, graphite on wall, surveillance mirror, 18 x 6 inches each
untitled (ㄷ), 2020, a functional concrete stool 

new moons
, close-up

score (for unlanguaging), 2020

score (for unlanguaging),
graphite, watermarks, paper, aluminum frame, 13 x 16 inches

SULLAE 술래, installation view

, 2020, single-channel version, with sound 

 exhibition view, 2020