Jesse Chun Jesse Chun

enunciating silence and

enunciating silence and,
graphite, silicone, wood, paint, steel trestles, cast from children's alphabet letters, 36 x 80 inches each


installation view, enunciating silence and; INDEXING MY MONOLOGUE (II); untitled (wrdpwrmdesy), 2019

close-up detail, video projection, graphite on wall

INDEXING MY MONOLOGUE (II), multi-channel video projections, graphite on wall
voiceless consonants, mal-configured airport speaker, steel bracket, 2 minute sound from English language tests, pronunciation tutorials, intonation book pages, dimensions variable

voiceless consonants, close-up detail

untitled (wrdpwrmdesy)
, graphite, legible pages, illegible pages, aluminum frame, d rings, 11 x 14 inches each

enunciating silence and translates the world’s “common language”, English, into a new system of relations. Through material, sonic, and semiotic abstractions of the English language pedagogy, the works decenter English as a cultural hegemon: situating it as a “point of departure rather than the final destination of a newly configured scene of languaging”. (Rey Chow, Not Like a Native Speaker). enunciating silence and considers new departures for untranslatable futures.

ARTPAPERS, Jesse Chun: Know What I Mean?