Jesse Chun Jesse Chun

intangible heritage

intangible heritage, wall vinyl, single-channel video with sound, 3:26 mins, 2018 
installation view at BAM fisher (brooklyn academy of music), 2018

intangible heritage, excerpt, 2018, single-channel, 3:26 mins, with sound 

Intangible Heritage is a Karaoke video essay featuring an electronic melody of a two-thousand year old folk song, which South Korea and North Korea both registered separately as their own for the UNESCO Intangible Heritage list in 2012 and 2014, respectively. The song is collaged with excerpts of public audio and text documents from the institutionalization process that took place with an intergovernmental committee in Paris, France. The bureaucratic narrative is disrupted with translations and mistranslations of the lyrics, mechanics of singing, and perpetual panning views of fragmented lands. The landscapes never stop moving.