Jesse Chun Jesse Chun

on paper

blueprints, close-up, 11 x 8.5 inches each, layered pigment prints on vellum paper

blueprints, installation view, 11 x 8.5 inches each, pigment prints on layered vellum papers, acrylic, 2016

forms, installation view, 2016

close-up text


landscapes; forms; blueprints; installation view, 2016

landscapes, installation view, 2016

 landscape #10


On Paper
investigates the bureaucratic language involved in immigration, migration, and mobility. Using various passports and immigration documents that are largely from a familial archive, the paperworks' visual and linguistic narratives are re-interpreted into three chapters --blueprints, forms, and landscapes.  In Landscapes, the watermarked background imagery of various passports are transformed into large-scale landscapes using scanning, erasure, and digital manipulation. Removed from the found national marker and traveler's data, the landscapes are re-articulated as portraits of ubiquitous, unbound and nameless lands. In Forms, various immigration documents are redacted into poetry using a selective erasure. In Blueprints, all texts are removed from the documents, leaving only the skeletal frames onto layered pages of transluscent blueprint paper. Through subverting the power of the bureaucratic imagery and text, On Paper authors poetics reflecting on conditions of legibility, belonging, and diaspora.