Jesse Chun Jesse Chun

on paper

chapter i. landscapes
chapter ii. blueprints
chapter iii. forms

landscape #10

landscapes, installation view, 2016

landscapes; forms; blueprints
; installation view, 2016

blueprints, installation view, 11 x 8.5 inches each, pigment prints on layered vellum papers, acrylic, 2016

blueprints, close-up, 11 x 8.5 inches each, layered pigment prints on vellum paper

installation view, 2016

close-up text

close-up text

On Paper
Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York, 2016

On Paper
utilizes digital manipulation and redaction to re-interpret various passports and immigration documents that are largely from the artist's familial archives. Using a scanner as a camera, the paperworks' bureaucratic language is recontextualized and subverted into landscapes, abstractions, and poetry. In Landscapes, the watermarked imagery of various passport pages are transformed into large-scale landscapes of ubiquitous and unbound nature that are devoid of the national markers and traveler's data. In Forms and Blueprints, a selective erasure of immigration documents is employed to re-author the visual and linguistic narrative, and the stacks of documents are scanned into abstractions that record their volume and physicality. On Paper presents other translations of the categorical data, symbols and language involved in navigating from one place to another.